America’s war on terrorism has sent thousands of troops overseas, but the reality is, there is a growing threat here at home. At an increasingly alarming rate, violent Mexican drug cartels are illegally crossing our border, invading Texas farms and ranches, threatening the lives of our fellow citizens and jeopardizing our nation’s food supply. 

With ProtectYourTexasBorder.com, the Texas Department of Agriculture documents the true stories of those who supply our food under the constant danger of criminals who have crossed our border illegally. Through this website, I implore the federal government to enforce our laws and secure our nation’s borders. We are at war and our federal government must answer its call of duty to protect its citizens and our national security.

Until Washington stands beside us, Texas is prepared to take matters into its own hands to the fullest extent possible. Texas will fight and protect to the best of our ability, but a successful campaign to stop border violence will require Washington to acknowledge this threat as a national security issue and assign the appropriate resources to combat and defeat our enemies. I can assure you a threat to our citizens and food supply is a threat to our national security.

Through this website, you will meet our brave Texas citizens who deal daily with harrowing episodes of intimidation, trespassing, drug running and property damage. Their lives are in danger, their families feel threatened and their property is shadowed by fear.

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